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HealthFare is dedicated to producing natural and safe products for women who are tired of the lies and shame in the feminine care business culture. We strive to make women feel comfortable in their own skin and amazing about their bodies and themselves.

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After my period my pH would get thrown off every time & cause me to get a bv. This is heaven sent!! It came in a few days earlier and I saw results in one night. Its amazing and I've personally referred it to all of my friends. It doesn't get better than this 100000000/10 recommend! Works fast & efficiently.


Y’all!!! Listen to me!!! I barely ever write reviews but this one right here is worthy of my time. I tried everything and I was fed up, until found this product. 2 days!! In 2 days I was clear as rain. I could NOT believe it. I actually shed a tear because it’s been a struggle for years and a bunch of wasted money. Ladies if you are on the fence buy them. Literally changed my life and pockets.