Frequently asked questions

1 - Wash your hands and vaginal region using mild soap and water

2 - While lying down use your finger or a HealthFare Applicator to insert Feminiva as far as comfortably possible into the vagina.

3 - We recommend using Feminiva at bedtime since it usually causes discharge (the discharge is basically your body cleaning itself and flushing out the bad bacteria).

4 - Within a few hours Feminiva should start dissolving and getting to work.

We recommend use of only one suppository every 24-hour period for 7 consecutive days. If the symptoms persist, repeat for another week. In severe cases use one (1) Feminiva Boric Suppository every 12 hours.

No, do not use it orally! Feminiva should only be used vaginally as recommended in the directions. Do not insert Feminiva into any other part of your body.

We recommend waiting until the end or almost the end of your period before beginning to use Feminiva.

Feminiva should dissolve within a couple of hours. The warmth of your vagina will cause Feminiva to melt, in order for it to dissolve properly, please ensure to insert it as far as comfortably possible. We recommend using HealthFare's Suppository Applicators, they are sterile and will prevent contact with the bacteria from your fingers and also assist you to properly apply the suppository.

We recommend waiting 24 after using Feminiva before having sex.

Everyone's body is different, we recommended using one Feminiva every 24-hour period for 7 consecutive days. Depending on the severity of your case it might be necessary to use Feminiva for up to 14 days. We also recommend talking to your doctor/healthcare provider as they will be able to provide you more specific answers and proper instructions based on the severity of your case.

Mild burn or irritation are symptoms usually related to the improper insertion of the suppository. Make sure to insert Feminiva into the vagina as far as comfortably possible as it will prevent these symptoms and will ensure that Feminiva will properly work.

For many women, intercourse can be a trigger for yeast and bacterial infections. If this is a concern for you, it may be advisable to insert 1 capsule after intercourse and to wait 24 hours after capsule placement to resume sexual activity.

This product should NOT be used as a contraceptive or to prevent or treat any sexually transmitted disease.

Feminiva should always be stored in the original childproof container and in a cool, dark space. If Feminiva is accidentally ingested, contact poison control immediately.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us anytime. We are available 24/7 through our live chat, click here to find all the ways you can contact us.

Other Important Information

Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.  Do not use if your vaginal area is severely inflamed (severe itching and redness) or has any tears or cuts in the vaginal mucosa.

If you experience abdominal or pelvic pain, unusual vaginal bleeding, blood in the urine, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, or breathing difficulties while using Feminiva, we recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor immediately. These side effects have not been reported with the use of boric acid vaginal suppositories and could be related to a more serious condition.

Feminiva boric acid vaginal suppositories have been manufactured, packaged and shipped with your health and safety in mind. Many procedures have been used to assure that our product arrives to you intact. Each bottle is sealed with a tamper-evident shrink wrap. The childproof lid has a pressure seal within that maintains freshness. If your product does not arrive to you in this condition, please contact us for a replacement.

*Please note that the information on this site is not intended to replace a physician’s diagnosis and should not be construed as individual medical advice. Always check with your physician before beginning a new treatment plan. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.