Say Hello To Freedom

Made from only one simple, natural and safe ingredient, Feminiva was developed by doctors to be gentle to women’s bodies while acting fast to restore the vagina's natural balance. When your pH is off and things are getting weird down there, don’t let yourself become captive to the suffering and struggling. Give Feminiva a try and let Feminiva set you free!

Feminiva with 7 Applicators
pH Love Pack

Need that extra help? Don't worry the pH Love Pack is here! This pack comes with a bottle of Feminiva and 7 Applicators and will help you properly apply Feminiva throughout a 7-day treatment and also prevent bacteria from touching the most sensitive part of your body.

stay safe all the way

Boricombo is the perfect combo! It comes with 30 Applicators for 30 Suppositories, it's basically everything you need! It won’t matter if it’s a week treatment or two, Boricombo got you covered. Simply use the applicator and dispose of it after each use. Oh, did I mention these suppository applicators are recyclable? Yes, we thought about that too and made sure our environment is safe as well! ♥

7 Applicators
Just enough

The 7 Pack comes with 7 suppository applicators, which is perfect for a one week treatment. These applicators will help you insert the suppositories effortlessly and keep your ecosystem safe from the bacteria found on your fingers while allowing for the proper placement of the suppository to ensure quick results.

15 Applicators
The Extra Pack

The 15 pack of applicators is enough for a 2 week treatment and you still have one extra just in case.💁 Safe and gentle, they are an affordable and perfect way to apply Feminiva and most suppositories effortlessly.

30 Applicators
Stay Fresh

A pack of 30 applicators so you can stay fresh throughout the use of an entire bottle of Feminiva. Whether you use Feminiva only once a month after your period, or not, you will always have enough applicators for an entire bottle. Like always, our applicators are 100% sterile, safe, disposable and recyclable.